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As part of the Smithsonian’s Traveling Exhibit Water/Ways, Vince Leggett, "Admiral of the Chesapeake" and founder of the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation presented “Chesapeake Underground: Charting a Course Toward Freedom."

Harriet Tubman National Underground Railroad Park and Visitors Center hosted the Blacks of the Chesapeake’s multimedia presentation at their Church Creek complex. It has been a very productive year for the Blacks of the Chesapeake particularly with the November release of the biopic film "Harriet."

Leggett highlighted how Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and countless other men and women’s lives were shaped by the rivers, creeks and tributaries feeding into the bay and Atlantic Ocean.

He demonstrated how the Chesapeake Bay has served as the “Waters of Despair and Waters of Hope” for African American Watermen and women working in the maritime and seafood related industries throughout the mid-Atlantic Region.

His lectures were hosted by the Harriet Tubman Museum & Educational Center in Cambridge and the Dorchester Arts Center in Cambridge as well.


Preserving the Heritage of Carr’s and Sparrows Beaches, Annapolis, MD

The BOC partnered with the Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center and the Banneker Douglass Museum and installed the Carr’s and Sparrows Beach Exhibit.  In addition, Fox News Channel 5 Washington, DC., visited the Legacy Center and invited representatives of the BOC to D.C. studios for two separate interviews and broadcasts.

The BOC's Local Legacy Collection Exhibit has displayed at the Anne Arundel Center and at the Annapolis City Hall.

Special Studies

The BOC championed introduction and passage of Senate Bill 350, Task Force on Minorities Participation in the Environmental Community (Senate Bill 350) Representatives of the BOC continue to work with key legislators to secure funding for the implementation of major recommendations cited within the final report to the Governor’s Office and legislative leaders.  The centerpiece of the legislation is to utilize it for BOC's signature strategy as a way to use history and culture as the pathway to encourage minorities, marginalized and disposed persons to become more engaged in the conservation and preservation of the environment.  An additional goal of the project is to develop strategies for improving communication to minority communities and encouraging community participation on water quality and environmental health issues and other environmental justice issue affecting their communities.

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