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   Vince Leggett

Vincent Omar Leggett has been an ally to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County for nearly half of his lifetime.

Vince is the founder and president of the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation (BOCF), which documents, promotes, and educates on the significant contributions of African Americans to the bay’s maritime industries and culture. In 2000, the Library of Congress designated BOCF as a Local Legacy Project, and in 2003, Maryland Governor Glendening commissioned Vince an honorary Admiral of the Chesapeake.
As a book author, a cultural historian and a planner, Vince has been leading efforts to preserve the rich heritage of Maryland’s traditionally African-American waterfront communities and immortalize the legacy of such sites as Carr’s, Sparrows and Columbia beaches. Through this work, Leggett is taking advantage of the expanding interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion to further BOCF’s mission.

Vince currently serves as a foundation board member of the Seafarers Yacht Club of Annapolis, which was incorporated in 1959 to ensure that African Americans could access all the recreational and fishing resources of their bay.
Vince is a highly respected lecturer and historical consultant on national and international documentary films on the Underground Railroad. He broadens understanding of the extensive use of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries to spirit Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and thousands of other enslaved persons to freedom along those clandestine routes.

As an advocate for change through the legal system, Vince enlists his position as president and CEO of the Leggett Group (USA) consulting firm to advance environmental and social justice for African Americans. Vince is a regulated lobbyist with the Maryland General Assembly, with focus areas in equitable educational funding, assisted living and affordable housing, clean energy, and historic and cultural preservation. He also represents the interests of the African-American community as a board member of the Chesapeake Legal Alliance.
Vince earned a B.S. in Urban Planning and Community Development from Morgan State University and a Masters in Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

He has continued his studies through the University of Michigan Multi-Cultural Leadership Development Initiative as well as with the Executive Director Development training program at Rutgers University.
Vince has held multiple leadership positions around the Annapolis community, including Chaplain for the City of Annapolis Fire Department, President of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education, Chair of the Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center, CEO of the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County, and CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis.
For 37 years, Vince and his wife Aldena have made their home in Arundel-on-the Bay enclave in Annapolis, where they enjoy beautiful bay views, fishing with their grandchildren and planning their next trip to the golf green. They are both leaders within the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, located in South County.



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